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Events Commemorating the 30th Anniversary of Horyu-Ji Temple’s Registration as a World Cultural Heritage Site

From October 21 (Sat) to November 5 (Sun), there will be an interactive digital art exhibit at Nandaimon and the approach to Horyu-ji Temple. The central theme is "Preserving Horyu-ji Temple's 1400-Year Historical Legacy for the Future." This event will run daily from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. On October 28, there will be a unique one-day illumination of Horyu-ji Temple grounds, showcasing NAKED, INC.'s digital art for the first time in Nara Prefecture. Visitors can also experience the "DANDELION PROJECT," a public art display promoting peace. Additional offerings include Shakyo (Sutra copying) and Shabutsu (Buddhist image tracing) experience at the Shōtoku-kaikan Hall of "Hōryū Gakumonji," the origin of Japanese Buddhism; a worship tour spotlighting and elucidating the traditional culture of the Saiendō Shuni-e ceremony and Tsuinae (a ceremony to drive out evil spirits); a premium accommodation plan to enjoy Horyu-ji Temple's digital art; a one-day private tour with a dedicated guide and vehicle; and a one-day e-bike tour that includes Shojin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) dinner.

About Horyu-Ji Temple

In the year 601, during the ninth year of Emperor Suiko's reign, Prince Shotoku erected the Ikaruga Imperial Palace in Ikaruga-no-Sato. This location overlooks the Yamato Plain, set against the lush, pine-covered Yata Hills. Soon after, the Crown Prince requested the construction of a temple on this site to honor his late father, Emperor Yomei. In approximately 607, the construction of Horyu-ji Temple was completed.
He embraced China's notable politics and culture, with a particular focus on Buddhism. This led to the creation of temples like Shitenno-ji Temple, Chugu-ji Temple, and Koryu-ji Temple. Additionally, he contributed to the nation's development through initiatives such as introducing twelve level cap and rank system, implementing Article 17 of the Constitution, and dispatching a Japanese envoy to China's Sui Dynasty. Regrettably, he passed away at the age of 49 in 622, leaving the people in deep mourning.

Activity Reservation

We have prepared activity-based plans that allow you to enjoy the Ikaruga area, including the World Cultural Heritage Site Horyu-ji Temple, which was founded by Prince Shotoku.
These plans include activities in places not typically accessible, sutra copying and Buddhist image tracing experiences at Horyu-ji Temple, limited edition premium accommodation plans, private guided tours, and more. You can choose a plan that suits your preferences and make reservations here.

Activity Reservation

Audio Guide

We're offering audio guides that will lead you through the various structures within the Horyu-ji Temple grounds. These guides will spotlight distinct attributes and historical information, enabling you to establish a deeper connection with Horyu-ji Temple, a place linked to Prince Shotoku, who preached about the spirit of harmony in Japan.

Audio Guide

Visiting Hours / Admission Fees

Visiting Hours:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM from February 22nd to November 3rd
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM from November 4th to February 21st

Admission Fees: (Common for Saiin Garan (Western Precinct), Daihozoin (Great Treasure Gallery), and Toin Garan (Eastern Precinct))
Individual Rates (per person):
General Admission: JPY 1,500 / Elementary School Students: JPY 750
*Some plans include admission fees in the package