Activity Reservation

We have prepared activity-based plans that allow you to enjoy the Ikaruga area, including the World Cultural Heritage Site Horyu-ji Temple, which was founded by Prince Shotoku.
These plans include activities in places not typically accessible, sutra copying and Buddhist image tracing experiences at Horyu-ji Temple, limited edition premium accommodation plans, private guided tours, and more. You can choose a plan that suits your preferences and make reservations here.

Horyu-ji Temple's Shōtoku-kaikan Hall: Experience Shakyo (Sutra Copying) & Shabutsu (Buddhist Image Tracing)

Horyu-ji Temple, a designated World Cultural Heritage site, holds the distinction of being the birthplace of Buddhism in Japan, as it is home to the oldest original copy of the Heart Sutra written in Sanskrit. Visitors to the temple have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the essence of Buddhism through the practice of sutra copying and Buddhist image tracing.


Kichidenji Temple (Also Known as Pokkuri-ojo-dera): Try Calligraphy & Mokugyo, Japanese Sutra Drumming With a Wooden Fish Drum (Matcha Experience Included)

Kichidenji Temple, established by the monk Genshin (also known as Eshin Sōzu), recognized as the "founder of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan," offers an opportunity for visitors to engage in Japanese calligraphy and savor matcha green tea. Additionally, you'll have the unique chance to partake in the ritualistic act of striking the wooden fish, a traditional instrument employed in reciting Buddhist prayers.


Horyu-ji Temple's National Treasure Saiendō: Special Viewing Tour and Tsuinae Ritual Costume Experience

You will tour the Horyu-ji temple precincts with a foreign language guide. At Saiendō, a place of devotion for the common people of Horyu-ji Temple (usually closed to the public), you can witness the dedication of the mirror and gimlet of Mine no Yakushi and experience the faith of Binzuru. At Yakushibo, you can see an exhibition of the "Oni-oi" demon-expelling ceremony and customs held on Setsubun, and even partake in the Oni-oi ritual.


Premium Accommodation Plan with Activities Included

On the days when the experiences are offered, limited edition premium accommodation plans are available. Additionally, from October 21 to November 5, you can enjoy digital art at Horyu-ji Temple. Spacious deluxe rooms will be prepared for your stay and a sake-tasting set from a local sake brewery will be served with the upgraded dinner.


Private 1-Day Tour of Ikaruga Town (With Private Vehicle and Guide Included)

For group visitors, a private plan is offered with dedicated guides and vehicles to tour temples, shrines, and famous sites. The plan covers prominent locations like Horyu-ji Temple, Chugu-ji Temple, Hoki-ji Temple, Horin-ji Temple, and Kichidenji Temple, all of which represent Ikaruga. You'll explore 1400 years of history in these sacred places linked to Prince Shotoku, who conveyed Japan's traditional values, all while traveling stress-free in private vehicles.


Former Kitabatake Baron Residence Premium "Shojin Ryori Cuisine" Dinner Plan

Explore Ikaruga town by renting sports e-bikes (electrically powered assisted bicycles). The experience includes indulging in "Premium Shojin Ryori (Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) Dinner" at the former Kitabatake Baron residence. Additionally, you can opt for a plan that includes sake tasting in Nara, the birthplace of Japanese sake, or partake in a matcha tea ceremony.